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Leanne's Story

My name is Leanne and I’m really glad that you have visited my Printable Shop.

Printable is a dream job for me because I love to paint and be creative. I adore using lots of colours, especially when I make my splash art and I am hoping to showcase this in my Printable designs.

If you meet me, you’ll see that I’m a very happy and friendly person. I have cerebral palsy but I never let that stop me from enjoying life. I love getting out and about by going to the pool, exercising and keeping up my strength.


I also love a party!  I’m the ‘Dancing Queen’ of the team and if you can’t guess, a massive ABBA fan! Music is an important part of my life and maybe that's why I’m always so happy. 


I hope you like my artwork and the creativity you’ll find here in my Printable shop.

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Leanne's Collection

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