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Welcome To Jules' Shop

Jules' Story

Hello there, I’m Jules and I am a very independent person! Welcome to my shop.

I always aim to do as much for myself as possible. I live in my own apartment and I only have drop in support when I need it. While it's nice to know someone is there if I need help, I feel proud when I do things on my own.

That is why I’m so excited to be involved in Printable as it has given me the opportunity to learn and to create. I love learning new things and getting involved with a great group of people. Printable is different from the sheltered workshop that I go to 3 days a week because Printable challenges my thinking and I get to be part of a real business that helps me to become more independent.

I never thought I would be able to do something like this, where I am learning printing and business skills. As I don’t read, I think this is a great achievement for me!

Take a look at my Printable shop and my designs. I love to travel, especially to the Blue Mountains and I hope to be inspired by the world around me. 

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Jules' Collection

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